Who We Are?

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Horse training

Horse training is an art. The training begins when the horse is still young, horses exposed to …

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Horse Auction

Whinny, said bargain, bargain, laughing of buyers and sellers dispel quiet atmosphere …

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horse rental

We specialize in providing horses for the following services: Rental horses filming, photography, horseback riding tours, …

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Selection of appropriate study time and adjust as required, appropriate lesson content and depth …

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anh gioi thieu
anh gioi thieu
anh gioi thieu

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Why choose us?

Good horse training center

We have good horse trainer to always bring professional training and customer satisfaction

Coach team of enthusiastic dedication

With a passion for horse lovers mind coaching team of the hospital we are always enthusiastic support practitioners, participants have been riding horses and implement the action

Provides various types Horse

Depending on the specific characteristics of these types of services so we had a lot of horse categories: pure Vietnamese Horses, Horses Australian, South American Horse, Horse hybrid, small horse ...

Many achievements and awards

In the process of training and coaching company we have gained a number of achievements and awards: Breeding is the best horse breeding, training hundreds of students

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